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The way you read and the way you write does not define your knowledge. But the way you think defines your knowledge.
The words spoken when not kept is a sign of cheating. If you want to be good don't cheat.
The words once spoken cannot be taken back so never utter a word that makes you wrong.
The words that hurt someone must be restrained instead use words that help others.
The words that are used to hurt others will yield bad results. To be free from bad results, use helpful words.
Your words must be good and will create a good vibe.
If you want to earn money make it a habit to save it, and take action to earn it and then save it again.
Forget the past to make a better future for yourself.
Think about making a bright future by forgetting the past because it has no meaning today.
Never be ashamed of anything if you think it is right and be fearless while doing it.
Soberness is a sign of a sensible human who respects knowledge and can stop oneself from being wrong.
Think in a way that makes you capable and in turn learn to be knowledgeable that makes you an intellectual.
An ability to think clearly makes you knowledgeable which in turn makes you advance in your life.
The divinity in you can only be found once you attain the knowledge of the divine power.
Absolute knowledge of self makes you capable of living a better life.
To achieve greater heights, learn to be simple to become knowledgeable in any field you choose.
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