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Everyone must have morals to attain life that is morally driven.
If a person loses ethics, then they lose the admiration they have.
Admiration for someone happens because of the ethics they have for that time.
Ethics taught by your forefathers makes you what you are today.
Unethical ways of living will make you lose the ethics god gave you by birth.
Making unnecessary claims about others is unethical, meaning you have no ethics.
The ethics you use to treat others shows your ethical value system.
The ethics you use to treat yourself and others make you ethical if you are good.
Your ethics from birth are your real identity. No one can change them, as they are built within you.
The behaviour you do to attract someone is your qualities. If you have good qualities, then you will be able to attain whatever you want.
The qualities you have attained make you a person of worth.
Your qualities make you go up or down based on what you have as a person.
A person's quality can only be understood by their character, not by their features.
A person's life is not measured by the amount they have earned but by the qualities they have earned.
A person can be admired only when someone has the qualities worth the admiration.
The admiration does not happen by looking at the features of a person; instead, it is a person's character.
To admire or be admired is based on qualities rather than age.
Love is a form of admiration for someone you can consider your soulmate.
Admire someone who respects your admiration, which creates good vibes in your life.
To attain knowledge, do not act that, in turn, makes you a renowned personality.
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