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5 Amazing Quotes on Life - Learn from It
Time is neither bad nor good. The way you look at it makes you think such.
When you count time, the value of it is high, but if you don't, it has no value.
Those who run behind time need to understand what time is.
Time is your slave. If you know how to use it, then what you decide happens.
Time is frivolous if you give no value to it.
Learn to have an excellent character to be loved by those who have good character.
The character that makes you loveable is what makes you worth love.
If you have a good character, then you are worth love. Otherwise, you don't deserve to be loved.
It is not the looks that matter for love, but the character they possess makes one love.
Beautiful are those who know whom to love and whom not to love.
Love is such a good feeling. When you are in love, the world seems to be beautiful.
Never fall for the wrong person because that will make your heartbreak.
Love is in everyone. If you are to be loved, see others with eyes of love.
Love to be loved, in turn, creates a good atmosphere.
Expecting love from someone who does not care for you is hell. Stay away from such love.
Love is in those who love someone without any expectations.
The one who loves is not behind money, but who is behind money does act in love to make money.
Broaden your knowledge to learn to live with values.
Build your character in a way where you imbibe the values of eminent personalities who followed the values they spoke.
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